Trivial Pursuit for Windows Phone


Be a Know-It-All!

BE A KNOW-IT-ALL ON YOUR WINDOWS PHONE! What are the 4 Hs in 4H? Do you know where Mt. Kilimanjaro is? With loads of questions, you’re bound to be a TRIVIAL PURSUIT master after a few hundred rounds!

Play your way in Pursuit Mode or Classic Mode. Also, track your stats, customize your profile, set time limits, and create personalized difficulty levels.

With Windows Phone, you can even climb the brainiac ranks on the XBOX LIVE® Leaderboards and unlock impressive XBLA Achievements, too!

  • Overview
    • Test your knowledge with thousands of Fun and Challenging Questions
    • Play with up to 4 friends via Pass N Play
    • Track your stats
    • Customize your profile
    • Set your own time limits
    • Create personalized difficulty levels
    • See where you rank on the XBOX® Leaderboards
    • Unlock XBOX LIVE® Achievements